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Caveats: I speak here only, of course, for myself. Finally, I realize that I write mainly from the femme perspective: this is not to diss the men, but to stay closer to personal experience.

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I freely admit to subscribing to this belief myself, for a of years. No, wait a minute. Where was I. Oh yeah. But I regard both as political accomplishements, invented to contain various kinds of disreputable genderqueers and transgressors, rather names which recognize any naturally-occurring identity.

They, of course, go down. And those are… you guessed it: your friendly, neighborhood crossdressers. So it seems to me that crossdressing is some kind of ultimate act of gender politics. It does not have a single thing going for it: not doctors, not the binary, not a full-time commitment, not even a. Because of this, crossdressing-identified men confront conventional requirements for heterosexual male masculinity head-on. This brings on endless trouble with their jobs, wives, children, courts, military, and so on. Every one of them puts their life on crossdresser sex forum line when they walk out the door, perhaps down the wrong street, past the wrong patrol car, or into the wrong bar on the wrong night.

They let me off with a lot of snickered warnings. Because the unfortunate fact is, most of the rhetoric coming out the crossdressing community is banal to the point of tears. And the more despised and oppressed a group, inevitably the more assimilationist and conservative their rhetoric and politics.

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In other words, the experience of being a crossdresser is still sufficiently dislocating, both socially and psychologically, that much of the community is still completely engaged in merely coping, rather than analyzing, organizing and confronting the systemic oppression which maintains and even mandates such dislocations. But as they find their voice, the stridency, the demands, the political awareness and the organization to contest that oppression will emerge. There is nothing universal about it.

Most women who have families with children have far more substantial things to be concerned with.

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Usually they spend more time dressing the kids then they concern themselves with their own clothes. But female to female competiveness does approach universality. It could be a competitveness about their gardens, their kids, their kitchens-you name it. If a man dresses with such style to trigger a recognition as a female then he could become a target for the women whose competitive thing is clothes. But clothes are just so much cloth. Transexuals use any means to be accepted as their opposite biological gender.

Clothes being just one of those things.

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They just like the fun stuff. You gals can keep that messy part. Not all natal women are the same,DJ, just like not all crossdressers or trans people are the crossdresser sex forum. Some of us are offended by the idea that femaleness is all about dresses. Just means that is how that person chooses to live…. I think one thing the male cross dresser should be aware of-many males are clueless in this regard-is the intense competitive instinct females toward other females. Once the CD is interpreted as another female he she is the target for a competitive attack from women. In no way does a women want a male looking better in a dress than she does.

This whole thread reminds me of the gender wars which took place in the early s between all of the trans identified groups. The transsexuals did not want to be viewed as crossdressers and crossdressers did not want to be viewed as transsexuals…at least that is what the so-called fight was about, not realizing both groups were struggling mightily to make some positive changes in perception. Fast forward twenty years and I have some radical ideas of my own. We are all trans identified, and some of us more so than others.

Where did Virgina Prince fall?

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She lived full-time en femme sans surgery. I know people all along the spectrum, and I have come to the conclusion that all of us express our femininity in the way it seems to fit. Instead of focusing on how far along someone is on the spectrum, we ought to be focusing on the fact that we are all on this gender rainbow together. Only a crossdresser. I would agree that society more easily accepts the notion of someone transitioning rather than someone that likes to dress in ladies clothes, but as I said in a separate post, we dress to release those subjugated feminine feelings and emulate that which we would like to be.

Many of my friends have done likewise — get them when they are young. I have another friend that is almost full-time now and lives in a community that knows her as a macho crossdresser sex forum. Her journey has been incredible and the level of acceptance in Bubbaville has been really remarkable.

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