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Download Bank Challan.

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He has established a chain of schools and colleges from primary level to P. G level. To him, education meant prosperity, personality growth and overall development of the society.

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He is the chairman of Hashmi Educational Group of Society. He has a strong natural tendency towards philanthropic activities. His biggest passion is for gaining knowledge about human beings and their deepest secrets. This is an absolute honour to preside over this esteemed institute.

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Law is the most important tool towards keeping the human societies aligned with progress of human civilization. We nurture the future law abiding leaders of law. In my perception, it is not important to learn law but to become the law managers because law is applicable upon human and human psychology is hmu college similar in two cases ever.

Television shows and movies contributes most majorly towards this dream. Becoming a lawyer is the best form of law enforcing. Yet despite embarking on a demanding course of study may go futile if you do not choose the right institution. Law education and you are simultaneous if you understand exactly who do you expect from the college of law you want to get in:. In a recent scientific study it has been found out that most of the intelligence is not hereditary hmu college by putting into the right environment, one can be made competent and sharp enough for certain trade.

All you need to have is the zeal and fire within you to become a lawyer and a right law institute will instill the most important characteristics to make you the finest quality lawyer. Hakeem Mehtabuddin Hashmi College of Law does it for every such aspirant who enters in with a fire to be a lawyer. When you enter Hakeem Mehtabuddin Hashmi College of Law, you are thoroughly analyzed… not to deny you realize your dream but to evaluate your personality, your skills, your abilities, your interest etc and then starts your most happening…most innovative 03 years of law education with us.

During these 03 years, we not only educate you to the tunes of finest law but also with every passing day, we gradually instill these aptitudes into you by hauling you to the practical world of law making and making the people to stay within the peripherals of law. At Hakeem Mehtabuddin Hashmi College of Law, our esteemed law faculties work tirelessly towards imparting the top legal education and you automatically start feeling confident that you have certainly opted for an exciting and best-suited career choice.

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The practical oriented theory classes of various law subjects are conducted in the most soothing environment and personal care is paid on one-to-one basis. Other than course theory classes, dummy court discussions, informational interviews with leading attorneys, familiarizing lectures on both current and future trends are conducted throughout the course. Downloade Asments Download Bank Challan. Full-Time LL. Rana Parveen This is an absolute honour to preside over this esteemed institute. Law education and you are simultaneous if you understand exactly who hmu college you expect from the college of law you want to get in: Evaluate yourself first : Do you have a flair for innovative writing?

Do you find yourself genuinely inclined towards investigation and research tasks?

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Are you a natural and persistent speaker of any given issue? Are you a impartial judge of matters involving two parties?

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Are you relentless and industrious? These are most important aptitudes and characteristics for becoming a successful lawyer. Other Colleges Hashmi Inter College. Hashmi Girls PG College. Hashmi B.

Hmu college

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