Send me a number dirty

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Pick a fromand I will tell u wat yu have to do!

slutty teen Harlee

Pick a fromand I will tel u wat yu have to do! Answers: 1.

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Don't talk to me for 1 day 2. Delete my. Just ignore ur list and talk to me 4. Send ur picture. I dare u to tell me something u never told anyone before 6.

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Take a pic just for me and send it 7. Tell me ur crushes name 8. Send a vn saying that u love me. Hug me Dirty pic Invite me with the last person u talked to Body send me a number dirty What am I to u? Tell me what you think of me Send me your latest pic What's ur best friend's name Call me How do u describe me?

Write ur phone in ur status for 1 day!! Send me ur pic of what ur doing now Put the 1st letter of ur crush's name on ur status Tell me one thing u have never told anyone Write my name on ur status Take me in a magical date Bc that ur a uncool Ask me out Buy me a gift Hug me tight next time I see you Send me a picture of u Vn me a joke Put my name with heart next to ur info for a week Put me in ur name for a month Sing I got a feeling Vn me saying I wanna go crazy Be my slave for 2 days Bring me a gift Bc ur a tramp Bc 'I love my name Bc I'm in love with stripper Send me a paragraph of what u think of me Voice note 'hot kiss" Send a pic Send a pic of ur legs Send me a picture of ur room Tell me a secret Newer Post Older Post Home.

Popular Pick a fromand I will tell u wat yu have to do! Ping for X in the boxes for me Ping and know what would i do if For those who think BC can change display picture and other characters! Selective Pings, I'll put [x].

Send me a number dirty

email: [email protected] - phone:(781) 484-2774 x 6342

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