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Cuckolds Forum. Cuckolded husband for the first time!!! Tags: cuckold first time. The other day I fulfilled my husband's fantasy and made him a cuckold. We had been talking to this guy for weeks before we set a date to meet and it had arrived. My husband ran around like a kid on Xmas morning. He did his best to hide his excitement but wasn't successful. I gave him a break knowing how long he's been looking forward to this.

I knew how badly he cuckolding forum this guy to meet my standards. I knew he feared nobody would be right for me and this was all for show. A way for me to string him along, merely scratching the surface of the lifestyle he wished for. I wished he wasn't so excited because I was fully prepared to disappoint him again.

I knew how badly my husband wanted this, but it had to the right guy. After many long and in depth discussions with my husband and wonderful forum advice I felt I had prepared as much as one can for a situation like this. Truth is, I really wanted make my husbands craziest fantasy come true; but I was looking forward to it as well. I love my husband cuckolding forum very much attracted to him, but who wouldn't be excited at the prospect of crazy sex with a hot stranger?! Up until that night, my wildest sexual experience was a one night stand.

As this fantasy progressed, I started to love the idea of little ole me having a secret crazy sex life. Me, the high school straight A student. Me, the college book worm. Me, the only girl that didn't go skinny dipping during senior year spring break and regretted it ever since!

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Yes me, the wife about to fuck a sexy stranger while my husband watched. Hell yeah that's me I'm nowhere near that cool. That part of me is creeping up ever so slowly, but inwardly I was a nervous wreck. We were meeting our guy at a nearby bar at eight that night. I made myself wait until seven to get ready which drove my hubby crazy.

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He wanted to know what I was wearing very badly. The only time he's taken an interest in my outfit! I dressed as I usually do which on the conservative side, despite his best arguments to show skin. We decided days ago that most likely sex would not happen the same night we meet the guy.

That I would have to be very comfortable right off the bat which wasn't likely.

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However, I did shave everywhere very carefully. I normally don't have any pubic hair at all I made sure everything was soft and smooth, just in case. Surprisingly, getting ready for our three way date was one of the most erotic parts for me.

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Everything I did was to prepare for possible sex with a man outside my marriage. I never thought I'd be carefully shaving my pussy to hairless perfection to cheat in front of my husband. I reminded myself of the situation with everything I did.

I shaved for another man, wore perfume for another man, and chose a lacy thong for another man. That really turned me on! I was happy about that took it cuckolding forum a good of things to come. My husband and I were ready to go but before we stepped out the door I stopped him. I told him no matter what talk to me!

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I told him I'm going to proceed as if he approves until I hear otherwise. He comforted me the best way possible by slowly kissing me and telling me he loved me. We got to the bar a few minutes late but didn't see our date.

I immediately thought we were stood up but my husband was optimistic. Hubby ordered a couple of shots to calm the butterflies. Just as we threw down the shots, a nice looking guy approached us and asked if we we're meeting him. He came! We sat down and ordered more liquid courage.

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The conversation came naturally and our date broke any tension by acknowledging the awkwardness which I believe is always the best way to eliminate an awkward pause. I won't bore you by recapping our conversations. He was funny, respectful, and seemed genuine. There were points in the night that each of us were cuckolding forum together. My husband went for drinks and our date complimented me and said he like us and hoped to see us more.

I appreciated the fact he included my husband. Apparently, when I left them alone, the compliments were more part specific to my body admittedly I enjoyed hearing the details later! When I was alone with my husband, I told him if we're going to do this then he's the kind of guy I want to do it with. I swear when my husband heard the good news, the look on his face suggested he was holding back an orgasm as if it were a sneeze.

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I asked where he was at mentally which was dumb because I could see it all over his face. He wanted me to fuck this guy. Maybe we broke some kind of swinger's rule but we invited him back to our place for a drink. I could feel my alcohol at the bar, and continued right on to buzzed at our place. The boys drank and laughed as if old friends.

The liquor fueled conversation turned sexual and we soon found ourselves on the couch. We have a sectional and my spot is in the corner which is where the couch angles into an L. Before Cuckolding forum realized it, our date was on top of me and we were kissing deeply. My husband was at the end of the couch so the guy's his name is Eric so I'll just call him cuckolding forum from here on out back was to him. When the night started, I was wearing leggings, boots, cute top, with tank underneath.

Eric had his tongue in my mouth and my top on the floor in no time. It was the hottest make out session I've ever had! I could feel my husband's eyes on us. I could sense him cheering us on. I was beyond turned on. After a few quick movements, Eric had me stripped down to my thong. I hadn't seen my husband's face yet so I wanted to check on him. I stood up and instantly knew hubby was just fine. I can best describe the look on his as concentrated lust. I'd never seen that look on him before. It's the look I image a prepubescent boy has the first time he finds his dad's Playboys.

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