Random numbers to sext

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The Internet never seems to disappoint. Last week, I was casually browsing information for our site, when I stumbled upon an image of a hot woman that said "Make Money From Your Phone. I thought it might lead to a dead-end or one of those sites that just le to a bunch of random links, but I clicked it anyway.

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Well, my clicking paid off because I ended up finding Arousr. Arousr is a sexting and phone sex company that provides a space for people to consentingly message or call women to engage in aural sex.

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They consider themselves a mobile community for adults which sounds pretty kickass. You can stick to text message, send picture messages, make sexy phone calls or even participate in video calls for a price, of course. If you have an android phone, there's a free phone app. Otherwise, it will be directly from your SMS text messages. The phone sex function only works through the Arousr system, so you aren't able to call chat hosts without their consent.

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Once your credits run out, you will be notified to switch to "Premium Mode. You only pay for the credits you choose to purchase. They also bill you under a discreet name everyone in this industry should learn from this. Once you have agreed to enter Premium Mode, each message received will debit 10 credits from your .

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Phone calls debit 28 credits per minute. What is really awesome is that Arousr revolves around consent. Even sending photos requires the chat host to be OK with it. You are free to send all the dick pics you want — as long as she is consenting.

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As a side note, there are male chat hosts, but this service is mostly geared toward males messaging females. Arousr claims to be a judgement-free zone and includes a list of fetishes that are often seen by chat hosts. Of course I had to try it out. You obviously have to verify your phone and create a personal pin. Then, you go online to see which women are available to chat. I have an iPhone, so I just sent them a text message directly.

It asks you to verify your age, and once you have, it sends your message to the woman. I spoke to two different people and they both were super-happy with Arousr. I know they are going to say nice things while working, but I had to ask! What was kind of really nice about using the service is you can just end the conversation. You type "OVER" and the woman can no longer message you.

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You say "bye" and then just end it! I'm actually a huge fan of Arousr! In the age of texting, this idea is fantastic. You can get your sext on from anywhere — on your couch, at a boring family event, at a stuffy meeting. The best part is that everyone has to consent to everything. Go check it out for yourself and let us know what you think! This article was originally published at A Couple Of Kinks. Reprinted with permission from the author. in. YourTango Experts. Photo: weheartit.

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Random numbers to sext

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