Large long labia

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Every woman in the world is unique. There are different facial featureshair types, body shapes, ethnicities, and other individual facets that differentiate us all. The same is also true when it comes to female genitalia. The vulva contains two sets of skin folds surrounding the vaginal opening—the outer fold is called the labia majora; the inner fold is the labia minora. For most women, these folds are not symmetrical. They can be different sizes, lengths, thicknesses, shapes, and even colors. However, the labia minora is more sensitive than the protective outer layer of the labia majora.

If the labia minora is enlarged, it can be irritating—even painful—during intercourse, when wearing tight clothes or performing certain exercises. While an enlarged labia minora is not necessarily cause for concern, it can create hygiene problems that may lead to an infection, especially when a woman is on her period. In addition to being potentially irritated and painful, many women also feel an enlarged labia minora is unsightly, especially when wearing yoga pants or a bathing suit.

This can create issues with self-confidence when in public or when with a sexual partner. A procedure called labiaplasty can be performed by a large long labia plastic surgeon. There are three different types of labiaplasty surgeries available:. Based on the recommendation of your surgeon, any of the above procedures may be done under sedation or a local anesthetic.

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While the incision site heals, it is recommended that the patient does not wear tight-fitting garments or clingy underwear that can cause friction and irritation. When bathing, avoid using soaps with coloring agents, perfumes, or harsh chemicals, and always rinse your vaginal area thoroughly. Pat the area fully dry with a towel afterward. It is also recommended that the patient refrain from vigorous exercise and sexual activity for at least one month. Your surgeon will let you know when you can return to normal activities, based on your rate of healing.

Inzhili K. She specializes in making her patients feel comfortable and at ease—especially when talking about very personal issues—and she provides individualized services for each patient.

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When you schedule a consultation, Dr. Kitto will examine your condition, get a full medical history, then provide her recommendations on the type of surgery that will best suit your needs and expectations. She will also be happy to answer any questions you may have about the procedure and recovery. Schedule your consultation today by calling and get started on your path to greater comfort and self-confidence.

Why is my labia minora larger than my labia majora?

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Large long labia

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Why is my labia minora larger than my labia majora?