Dirty panty stories

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My son-in-law Frank is living with a pretty girl named Christine. Dirty panty stories is thirty five, divorced and has two teenage daughters, Alicia and Amy. They have been together now for three years and live in an apartment about a half hour drive away from my wife Nelly and me. We go to see them quite frequently and sometimes they come to our place. Christine is a gorgeous girl with black hair and large natural boobs. Last Christmas they came for dinner with us and she was wearing a tight, short black dress with a cleavage that really exposed her ample bosom.

She had high heels and black tights and I just couldn't take my eyes off her. I thought that Frank was a really lucky guy to have a woman like her. I hope he knows how to satisfy her. I certainly would if I had the chance, but of course it wasn't possible. If Nelly knew that I wanted to fuck her son's partner she would go berserk.

I was sitting on the sofa and my cock got hard when Christine bent over the table in front of me and I could see up her skirt, right up to her panties. God, she turned me on, I would have given anything to take her tights and panties off and suck her pussy before I gave her a really hard fucking. I imagined shooting my cum all over her big tits and licking it off.

What if I could pull those white panties down and lick her asshole?

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Jesus Christ Frank, you lucky son of a bitch! I love sniffing a girl's dirty panties and I wondered if Frank sniffed Christine's. Maybe he sniffed her daughters' panties too. I sure would if I had the chance. Both young girls were very pretty and starting to burst out in all the right places. About a month ago we were at their apartment on a Saturday evening and Frank showed me a problem they had with the toilet flush.

Sometimes after flushing it didn't stop and he asked if I knew what the problem was. I had a look inside the cistern and I guessed that the valve simply needed adjusting. I said that if he wanted I could come over on Monday morning and try and fix it. He was pleased with this as it would save him calling a plumber. I was pleased too because this could be the perfect opportunity for me to get into Christine's dirty laundry. Then I had a nasty thought, what if Nelly wants to come with me? But luckily she had already arranged to go and see her mother dirty panty stories the way was clear for me to satisfy my needs.

All the next day I kept thinking about what I was going to do with that lovely girl's dirty panties.

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On Monday morning I arrived at their apartment and let myself in. I knew where they kept the dirty laundry and so I wouldn't have to waste any time looking for it. However, I didn't want to be disappointed so I opened the laundry dirty panty stories in dirty panty stories bathroom and quickly saw that there were several pairs of panties in there. I pulled out a white pair and looked inside. There were some large stains and I got an erection as I held them to my nose and breathed in the delicious perfume.

They were obviously Christine's panties because they were small and silky smooth, not the kind that young girls wear. First things first, so I went into the toilet with my tool box and tightened the valve in the cistern. I flushed the toilet several times and was pleased to see that there were no leaks when the cistern was full. That job was done and now for the most important one; sniffing panties and shooting lo of hot cum!

Frank and the girls wouldn't be home until the end of the afternoon so I had plenty of time ahead of me. My cock was hard as I took all my clothes off and went naked into the bathroom. I looked in the laundry basket again and took out the white panties I had already seen. I searched around and found two more pairs of silky, black woman's panties.

Then I found some pink cotton panties with Hello Kitty stuff printed on them which belonged to Christine's daughters. I sniffed the gusset of one pair and it smelled very strongly of urine. My cock was now getting ready to explode. It was rock-hard and throbbed as I took the white panties and sniffed them. The yellow stains smelled of pee and a bit higher up the gusset I could smell the faintly fishy odour of Christine's pussy.

There was a brown stain just a little higher up and I sniffed it, smelling where it had been tight up against her asshole. I had dreamed of sucking Christine's cunt and licking her asshole but it was impossible. This was the next best thing! I tasted the bitter urine stains and imagined I was running my tongue all over her snatch. I tasted where the gusset had been around her pussy and then licked the poop stain. I thought of her kneeling on the bed with her legs apart and her ass in the air as I licked and dirty panty stories her anus. I took another pair of her panties, black ones this time, and wrapped them tightly around my cock, thrilling to the exquisite feeling of the silky material as I masturbated.

I wanted to ejaculate but not yet. My pre-cum was running out of my cock and making the panties wet. Then I thought of Alicia and Amy's panties. Why shouldn't I use these too? My fingers trembled as I took the pink panties out of the laundry basket.

They were heavily stained and smelled very strongly. I took Christine's white panties and held them together with the girl's panties. Then I sniffed the combined gussets. One pair of girl's dirty panties smells wonderful, but three pairs together is absolutely unbelievable!

I continued to masturbate with the black panties until I couldn't hold back any longer. I put the gusset of Christine's white panties into my mouth and sucked hard on the tasty juices. Then I took a pair of the pink panties Alicia's or Amy's? Afterwards I wiped them clean and put them back in the basket.

I took a pair of the black panties and put them over my head, wearing them like a mask.

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The gusset was over my nose and I could smell the delicious perfume of Christine's most intimate parts. I walked around the apartment and looked in a mirror, seeing my naked body with my hard, erect cock and the lovely panties on my face. I stretched out on the sofa and sniffed the panties as I jacked off, shooting cum on my belly and my chest. I had had enough now and so I cleaned up and put all the panties back into the laundry basket. Frank called me that evening to thank me for fixing the toilet.

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Dirty panty stories

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