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Flirt has a consumer rating of 3 stars from reviews indicating that most customers are generally dissatisfied with their purchases. Consumers complaining about Flirt most frequently mention credit card, day trial and fake profiles problems. Flirt ranks 20th among Dating sites. This company responds to reviews on average within 8 days. Come on, guys : Look at any other dating apps and sites, on every such application lots of spam, fake girls, web cam girls, and so on and so forth.

Ok, maybe Tinder is better, but how much girls you hooked up there? Even HRs recrut there : Of course, Flirt isn't ideal dating site, but if you turn your night on, you will find someone : I use flirt time to time, and to be honest, there are lots of spam, but I thanks this app for some hot night :.

I keep getting same profiles which looks like they all fake or scams. They show very little info about the girls. It's a scam in short. Not reliable at all. After trying out a couple of different platforms, I came across Flirt. It has stood out as something more effective, I have enjoyed several dates with some nice people.

Everyone was polite, respectful, and genuine, so five stars.

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We are always looking for members' feedback as a way of ensuring that the app is of the night quality possible, so we thank you for providing us with your opinion. I knew I needed a change so I did and I ed up to online dating. It's the best decision I have ever made and I have even managed to connect with stunning singles I wouldn't have found anywhere else.

Flirt is excellent for everyone, gay or straight. It is simple to use in terms of functionality. You can change your area easy to chat with people from any part of the world. This app is so good that it will make you love online dating.

We appreciate your positive feedback about our service. We are so glad to hear that you enjoyed using our app. Do not hesitate to share your opinion or any ideas with us. I purchased a membership with flirt. We do not use any automatic systems to generate fake s or messages or steal photos and we do not condone the use of false profiles.

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Our aim is to provide a genuine dating experience. We are interested in spotting fake profiles and taking them off. As soon as we receive notice we will investigate the case straight away. Take care and all best. One of the better sites I have used so far.

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I'd say night may be the best along with HookupHangout and BeNaughty. Never had any problems. Decent and honest site. Guys complaining should admit that online dating is simply not for them. Don't believe any positive reviews! I would give them 0 if I could. The good reviews are probably from people that work there.

Kind of like all the fake profiles you get bombarding you. All they want is to take your money, and you get nothing in return except for probably some dude posing as a girl on the other side of the conversation you "might" have. I better get my money back from these useless slugs.

We do not need to convince people to our site in this way. We really care about your privacy and comfort when using our site. Hey, Alex! We are always looking for members feedback as a way night ensuring that the websites are of the highest quality possible, so we thank you for providing us with your opinion. Within my third week in flirt. Today, we are talking about our future. I didn't imagine how this website turned out to be the main reason why we are together.

I ed up for a one day trial for. The crooks then attempted to charge me for a month. I had to contest it with my credit card company and threaten legal action before they would refund the fraudulent charge. The reason I cancelled after one day was it became obvious very quickly the so called members were just fake scammers trying to ripe people off.

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We are really sorry to hear that you are not satisfied with the service we provide. We also apologize for any inconvenience. To make sure your subscription was cancelled, please go to "My settings" - "Billing history". Please, directly if you still have night questions. I have tried every freakin sex site going. Ive tried em all dude. This is up there. Very good. As is Tinder, hookuphangout and maybe others. Apart from that I'd say the rest of them are mostly scammy BS. Take it from me. If you don't have time for a proper relationship or you just want to get out there and have some fun, I'd say give Flirt a chance.

I've found there's lo of single men in my town and my phone is constantly pinging with new dm's. I hadn't bothered with online dating before because I'd heard the men all had fake pics but that's not been my experience. I've met quite a few guys now and they've all been just like their photo - hot! Products used: 3-day trial and Premium dater. We are constantly trying to respond to our members wishes and suggestions and your positive feedback is very much appreciated! The nowdays situation in the world has really screwed up all dating things.

So we are - the singles - have not a lot of variant to contunue meeting someone. One of the best is online dating. There are more women than men, so there has been night few times where I've had to wait but overall, I've been successful with getting chats night proposition to go out after quarantine.

We are constantly trying to respond to our member's wishes and suggestions and your positive feedback is very much appreciated! Oh, it's a great experience if you like to connect and meet lots of new persons every day, it seems. The complete site is a total scam. Once your CC is used, they will keep using it. Not one legit girl. Tip for consumers: Dont even think of it.

Once you use your credit card, you will be getting random charges for various dating sites. Cancel your card right away. The site is a total scam. Not one legit girl on there Another scam to get your credit card. Our members are interested in meeting new people. We work hard to keep our site fun and enjoyable, and we work hard to eradicate fraudulent people from the website. We value you as our customer and appreciate any feedback that you send us. We will certainly look further into your query and use your feedback to improve our service.

I've never encountered such an awesome dating website before. It is easy to use, the girls are fun to chat with, and your privacy is guaranteed. Since I ed flirt. Thank you. Never give up on romance because dating online guarantees more success. You need the right site but I have found that this service really will help you find real people! It; s so obvious you are FAKE. But why are you so cheap?

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C'mon, guys, you can do it. All good reviews are fake, the real ones are negative. We do not use any automatic systems to generate fake s or messages and we do not condone the use of false profiles. I'm always keen with the options from the start and how I'll be billed. When you know what you're in for, you'll night your moments flirting online.

The flirt. You don't have to be confident or outgoing to meet people online. In fact, it's perfect for absolutely everyone, even me because I am super shy yet I have found dates with ease! Your team is always helpful. I was desperate before because we had a bad Disput beforehand.

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It is beautiful but also exhausting when you love. Finally, with your assistance, I was able to reach my lady now. You gave me confidence and the feeling of not being alone.


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