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Please read and accept the terms and conditions and check the box to generate a sharing link. There is a lack of comparative research on nudity in television advertising. Among them, nudity—or, the degree of dress—of the primary characters is the characteristic most likely to give a sexual connotation to an advertisement. Several content analytical studies in the United States have investigated nudity as a main variable in advertising e.

While full nudity itself was rarely found in these studies, a clear gender difference emerged in the degree of dress of the primary characters. consistently showed that women are more likely to be suggestively dressed or partially dressed, whereas men are more likely to be fully dressed. If, for instance, nudity is culturally accepted in a country, advertisers should be more likely to use nudity for a product compared with a country where nudity is less established. However, knowledge on the influence of culture on nudity in advertising is scarce.

Against this background, this article attempts to address four major research gaps: First, while some studies on gender representation in television advertising have looked at nudity as a by-product e. Second, we lack theory-driven, comparative research. Although single-country studies are valuable, they usually analyze a specific sample at a specific time of the year in a descriptive manner. As a consequence, we cannot compare the findings across countries Matthes et al.

While this study is pioneering, the data sets are from Also, the study sampled its material from different months, which may reduce the validity of the conclusions. We thus follow the footsteps of Nelson and Paek using the same underlying conceptual framework but test the roles of two cultural models as well as preclearance policies. In fact, it is not the same to interpret differences between two countries by simply referring to nude men with girls differences as it is to empirically measure and analyze the role of culture in a statistical model Matthes et al.

Numerous studies have looked at the effects of nudity on the attitudes of consumers toward the ad, brand recall, and purchase intention. Yet there are comparatively few content analyses for nudity, especially when it comes to television. research has found key variables predicting nudity, such as the gender of the primary character, the characteristics of the product i. These refer to different and unrelated strands of research, so we will present them separately in the next sections. Overall, however, such stereotypes seem to be decreasing Wolin, The cause and theoretical explanation for this finding is that the female body appears to be more sexually objectified than the male body.

Also, advertising can be understood as a system of symbolic power relations between men and women see Barthel, Based on this theoretical reasoning and on prior research, we hypothesize the following: H1: The degree of nudity is higher for female characters compared with male characters.

For congruent products, nudity has a perceived relevance, such as for underwear or fashion products and cosmetics, but it is also considered relevant to products that are associated with sexuality, such as alcohol. Other products, such as banking or computers, are incongruent and therefore rarely associated with nudity.

In fact, persuasion theory suggests that match-up fosters attitude change and le to positive ad evaluations. In the context of television advertisements, Nelson and Paek found that the product category was the most ificant predictor for the degree of nudity.

Because of the nude men with girls relevance of nudity for congruent products, the audience might be more accepting of nudity in such contexts than for, for example, car advertisements. It follows that H2: Advertisements for congruent products show higher degrees of nudity compared with incongruent ones.

Hardly any studies on TV advertising have examined the relationship between age and the degree of nudity. Stern and Mastro have shown that age differences played a ificant role in how characters were dressed. Young adults were more suggestively dressed, whereas older adults were more conservatively and more fully dressed. Sexuality and old age are understood as incompatible, and popular culture even emphasizes that older people are not sexually desirable Vares, This is in line with research showing that older people are regarded as less attractive than younger people, which is valid for both genders, but even more pronounced for women Deutsch et al.

This finding is in accordance with the so-called double standard of aging Sontag,that is, the idea that society is much more permissive of aging in men than in women. Based on the literature suggesting that older people are not associated with sexuality, we formulate the following hypothesis. H3: Younger characters show higher degrees of nudity compared with older ones. research suggests that culturally normative advertising content, such as the depiction of gender, is culture driven.

French and Israeli advertisements, for instance, make more use of sex appeal than in the United States Hetsroni, Both studies are built on the theoretical notion that cultural dimensions Hofstede, ; House et al. The underlying theory is that cultural models translate to preferences of the audience and thus, in turn, affects creative decisions by advertisers. Following HofstedeNelson and Paek examined the advertisements in Cosmopolitan magazine from seven countries and found that masculinity and a restrictive political system were negatively related and that sexual freedom was positively related to degrees of nudity.

In addition, countries with strong censorship rules had a slightly higher mean score of male but not female nudity than those with less strict censorship guidelines. Against this background, we now explain several cultural models and gender indices and, after that, preclearance policies.

Within these dimensions, the masculinity dimension is the most relevant for the purposes of this article. The masculinity dimension reflects differences nude men with girls societies in how far each emphasize masculine values such as assertiveness and competition versus feminine values such as nurturance or solidarity Hofstede, In addition to that, another aspect of the masculinity dimension reflects differences among societies in their beliefs about appropriate behavior for males and females with more masculine cultures having more emphasis on males being more assertive and tough and females expected to be modest, whereas in feminine cultures, there are less gender differences and males as well as females are expected to be modest Emrich et al.

Such differences should directly translate to our study in that men and women are represented in more different ways in masculine than in feminine societies Huang, ; Wiles et al. In addition, feminine societies are more gender equal which might translate to audience preferences and also that women might play a bigger role in the creation of advertisements. Thus, it is essential to use additional indices. It reflects the beliefs of a society about whether biological sex should determine roles in that society. The more gender egalitarian societies rely less on biological sex and thus have less gender differentiation Emrich et al.

This might have an effect on audience expectations as well as on the ratio of male and female advertising creatives and therefore also on gender representations. The dominance of female over male nudity in TV should thus decrease in gender egalitarian societies. Regulations are highly varying by country and are based on what is appropriate in a specific culture. For example, nudity did not work well in China Cheung et al.

Such cultural differences have certainly also an influence on advertising regulation. Regulations can be generally divided into two groups: One is self-regulation, and the other is government regulation. Self-regulation is generally supported by the advertising industry because it monitors messages and increases the reputation of the industry. In addition, strong self-regulation might also prevent government regulation.

One weakness of most self-regulation systems is that the regulatory bodies only learn of the problematic ad through complaints after the ad has already been run Sheehan, Thus, some countries also employ advertising preclearance, which is a compulsory examination of an advertisement for its compliance with regulatory rules before it can be broadcast.

An, Based on literature, we posit the following hypothesis: H6: Preclearance predicts the ratio between female and male nudity in that preclearance reduces the dominance of female nudity. These countries were selected based on their masculinity scores. We aimed nude men with girls a broad range of countries with different scores on various gender indices. We recorded 15 hr of primetime TV p. Because public service broadcasters might be more affected by country-specific regulations, we focused on private television.

Also, private channels are comparable on economic grounds. However, we did utilize CCTV-1 as it was the clearly dominating channel for China and also included the largest public service channel in Austria due to a very low audience share of private channels. Duplicate ; political ; for films and CDs; public service announcements PSAs ; and with kids, animals, or comic figures as dominant actors were not included in the study.

After were collected from one country, we stopped additional data collection. A primary character is nude men with girls person that appears on camera either with a speaking role or with prominent exposure for at least 3 s, must be clearly visible especially their facesand must be aged 18 years or older. If a character had different levels of nudity in the same ad, the highest degree of nudity shown was coded.

Partially dressed included the character wearing under apparel, lingerie, or bathing clothes such as bikinis, bathing suits, bathing shorts, and so on. Nude was used to mean bare bodies, including actual nudity or suggested nudity. Advertising preclearance is a compulsory examination of an advertisement for its compliance with regulatory rules before it can be broadcast. The study included 30 coders from two major universities in Austria and South Korea.

Coders were trained for approximately 15 hr, blinded to the hypotheses, and native or bilingual in the language of the country for which they coded. Two tests were performed prior to coding the material: One test was between four coders i. A second one was between 27 coders from Europe. As a third test, a share of the coded material was double coded without the 27 coders knowing that they were tested. This allowed reliability estimation after the entire material was coded. This was clearly above the recommended chance-corrected agreement of. Based on that, there were no reasons for an additional test.

To answer H4 to H6, hierarchical linear models i. Multilevel models are appropriate when cases are clustered within countries. The clear advantage of multilevel analysis is that we can predict the individual-level variation in the dependent variable while statistically controlling the variation across levels of analysis.

Furthermore, we can predict the variation of regression slopes by including constructs at the country level. Table 2 shows the frequencies for fully dressed, suggestively dressed, partially dressed, and nude primary characters for all countries. To examine gender and age differences as well as the role of congruence, we did not perform chi-square tests but relied on ordinal regression analysis instead as the statistically more powerful tool.

In fact, the logistic regression yielded the very same compared with the ordinal regression. Because of this finding, and because collapsing variables reduces statistical power, we report ordinal regression. The findings of ordinal regression analyses are depicted in Table 3. As can be seen, there was a ificantly negative effect of age in four countries Austria, Germany, the Netherlands, and Japan. Table nude men with girls. The pattern of findings was clearer when it comes to product congruence. Finally, when it comes to the gender of the main character, the findings clearly suggest that women are more likely to show a higher degree of nudity compared with men.

This effect was highly ificant in all countries. So far, we have looked at the effects of age, product congruence, and gender on displayed nudity at the level of single countries. While such an analysis is useful, we are unable to explain why an association is found in one country and not in another. Thus, the question we want to ask is whether variations in the association between age, product congruence, as well as gender and displayed nudity can be explained by cultural and preclearance differences between countries.

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Because our outcome variable is ordinal, we ran an ordinal hierarchical nonlinear model with the statistical package HLM 7. The Level 1 model includes the age and gender of the primary character as well as product congruence.

The Level 2 model includes the respective index i. Because the Level 2 variables are correlated, we ran a separate model for each index. In the first step, we computed the variance components to examine whether there is a ificant amount of variance between the countries.

Because we included the grand-mean centered terms for the Level 2 variables, the effects of age, product congruence as well as gender on displayed nudity must be interpreted as the effect at the average level of a gender index e. Besides the Level 1 predictor, the main focus of the multilevel model lies on the cross-level interactions between age, product congruence as well as gender and the gender indices as well as preclearance. These interaction effects tell us whether the variations between countries in the effects of age, product congruence as well as gender on nudity can be traced back to variations in the gender indices as well as preclearance policy.

To answer this question, we looked at the random-coefficients model. Thus, for displayed nudity in advertising, there were no differences nude men with girls the regression slope that can be explained by culture.

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It follows that there can be no cross-level interactions.

Nude men with girls

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