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Access to your also gives crooks nude messenger level of trusted access to your friends and family that makes scams of all sorts much easier to pull off. A scammer with your instant messaging or social media passwords is not only a menace to you, but also to those around you, as one of our readers discovered this evening when he received a note from a friend via Facebook Messenger that said:.

There is no video, of course — the black image links to a URL shortening service, which in turn redirects to a URL that pops up what looks like a Facebook :. Unfortunately, putting in your username and password into the fake above would submit them to a server running on a low-cost web hosting service in the USA, using a vaguely legitimate-looking domain name that was registered less than a month ago. Our reader immediately assumed that his friend had himself recently recieved a similar perhaps even an identical message, and had not only clicked through but attempted tohanding his password to the crooks and thus ensuring that all his contacts would soon be spammed in turn.

What to do? Use 2FA on any you can. Get into your as soon as you can without clicking on any links that anyone just sent you! Use a password manager. Use an anti-virus with a built-in web nude messenger.

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A web filter helps stop you landing on fake s in the first place and therefore shields you from phishing. Follow NakedSecurity on Twitter for the latest computer security news. Good article. This looks to be a huge push by crims going on right now. I have 29 messages of the sort in my Gmail Spam folder. Try searching nude messenger site for words such as survey, scam, delivery, vish and smish the last two are phishes via voice and SMS respectively. Our volunteer agency is obliged to have a web listing the officers and their contact information.

We will eventually be moving to a system that supports web forms and will no longer reveal addresses. This message was spammed in her contacts. The video looks very like the image in this article.

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I p it does the same thing. I had this happen to me last night and this video was sent to all my messenger contacts. I reset my Facebook password and deleted the video from all contacts that it had been sent to. Am l now safe or is there something else that l should do?

Thanks for the article. A friend had this happen to them and their messenger sent out these messages to all contacts. I did click on their link but then clicked out very quickly. Just simply clicked the link. Do you think my is safe? Nude messenger have since changed my password and set up 2FA. You could also go into your Facebook profile s and review the list of devices currently logged in, and the list of Facebook apps you have authorised to access your.

Be prepared to be surprised… you may find old devices and old apps you had forgotten about, and take the opportunity to kick them out. I am not a Messenger user… any readers care to explain the sequence of taps or clicks to use? Usually, if you hold your finger down, nude messenger, or swipe to the left, choices come up, including delete. Depending on where you have FB Messenger open either your computer or your phone there is a way to delete the message in question on either device.

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Your PC, laptop, etc. Thanks for the info, I entered my info into the phished facebook site, on my iphone, how much did that give them access to? I was using my wifi. If you put in your Facebook password then the crooks now know what it is. So you need to change your password immediately to re-protect your.

I got to the phished site by clicking the link but I didnt put in my credentials. Is my safe? So visiting the fake nude messenger displayed the fake form. Hi Paul, I wrote to you a couple of months ago as I fell into this Facebook scam. This morning I received a text message from a fake DHL saying that my parcel will be delivered today.

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Similar question as before but do you think anything nude messenger was downloaded onto the phone? I have an iPhone btw and have cleared my history and cookies. Thanks in advance, Elle. I suspect ou are OK. Thanks for your reply Paul.

Out of curiosity have you heard of the DHL Scam message? Is it possible to ever find out if a phone has been hacked? Best to probably just change passwords etc. Thank you so much! The nude messenger often vary the courier company to suit your region, e. What should I do? Can you shut down the completely without needing to receive a confirmation ? I imagine not, but who can say? Hello Paul I just got this and i logged in my credentials, i realized inmediatly after it was a scam and changed my password within 3 minutes.

I just clicked the one I was going to use. Is there a chance they automatically or manually downloaded or cloned my Facebook information in those 3 minutes? I like to think they check their program every few hours to see how many credentials they got, and in the meantime i changed my password and im safe. But who knows…. The fact that the old one still worked for you 3 mins later at least means the crooks had not been able to lock you out of your own in that time by changing the password for you!

Assuming that the crooks are not in your home town means that any rogue s ought to show up there. XG Firewall. Intercept X. For Home Users.

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Free Security Tools. Free Trials. Product Demos. Have you listened to our podcast? Listen now. : When zombie malware le to big-money ransomware attacks.

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Hitman Pro Find and remove malware. Intercept X for Mobile Protect Android devices. Thanks for sharing!! Is there a way to delete the video in messenger, without deleting the whole set of messages? If you have any other questions, feel free to send me an. Hope this helps. Thanks for the notes, Jeff! Always happy to help when and where I can. If you bailed at once I would say you are OK. What do you think? Cancel reply Comment Name Website. Recommended re.

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