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IsolatedHell May 29, And by that, I don't mean a literal one. Two idiots are trying to get the best of one another on fart fetish forums forum that's been dead for a few years; even all the mods have flown the coop, but these two loving chucklehe are the most active with their little war. Let's take a look, shall we? Gokuweed posted: And why were you browsing these forums, op? Self Defense Nil Satanus carborundum Yeshua akbar! Xtian anarchisto, no bombo. IsolatedHell posted Don't we all. But I really want to have a guys rear end in my face while he blasts me with his gas.

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I will sniff it all up and will even lick his rear end hole while he farts. And if he wants the same thing done than I can fart in his face and mouth. If you are interested hit me up on kik at fartlover I will host. I only be ask for a small donation because I am on a fixed income and don't always have food. And if we do meet up I would prefer if you could fart on command I want my dick to be farted and then sucked off after a lot of farts are ripped on it.

Isaac posted:. Gotta nuke something.

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Happy Hedonist posted: I only be ask for a small donation because I am on a fixed income and don't always have food. So like a pimp I'm pimpin' I got a boat to eat shrimp in Nothing wrong with my leg I'm just B-boy limpin'. Her name is Jamie, she's a skinny 20 year old with short fart fetish forums brown hair. We hang out a lot since my mom is dating her mom.

One after, the two of us were sitting in my living room, super bored and she asked if there was a game we could play. I suggested Twister, Jamie considered this for a moment then agree but said that we make it interesting. Jamie loves making bets, she's a gambler. Our bet was this: Loser of Twister has to let the winner fart in their mouth and they have to swallow it. Naturally, I loved this idea, I always love an opportunity to fart on someone so I agreed. Little did Jamie know, I had eaten a big eggy and cheesy breakfast so my stomach was gnarly.

I held in my farts while we set up the mat, and got into position. Your butt is in my face! She takes a small sniff and gags. I can smell it through your jeans. Jamie groans in disgust. My laughing grows louder and more farts leak out of my rear end.

I feel Jamie move from behind me and I hear her fall on the floor. I stand up and turn around to see her sitting down, desperately fanning her fart fetish forums. Jamie looks up and pouts. I look behind me as Jamie brings her face to my butt. I slowly pull my pants down, exposing my tan butt cheeks. Jamie reluctantly opens her mouth and I grunt pushing out a loud and nasty eggy fart in her little mouth and before she could do anything I cupped my hand over her mouth.

Jamie's eyes watered as she swallowed my fart. I kneeled down next to her and said "So What's the next bet? Bardeh posted: quote: The other day I had my friend over. Switches Set. Isaac posted: I love the internet. Well, there goes our grant money. Powered by: vBulletin Version 2. IsolatedHell May 29, And by that, I don't mean a literal one. May 29, Profile Post History Rap Sheet. Jul 20, Gokuweed Feb 1, by FactsAreUseless. Isaac Aug 3, Fun Shoe. No reason.

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Happy Hedonist Jan 18, The spectators are the real winners here. FactsAreUseless Feb 16, Isaac posted: Yet another person disappointed by fart. Bloody Hedgehog Dec 12, Gotta nuke something. Vim Fuego Jun 1, I just had an epiphany: the internet is useless! Ultra Carp. This guy is messed up. Do sharts count as farts? If someone sharted on this guy's dick would he be more aroused? Would he be infuriated? So many questions. Bardeh Dec 2, Fun Shoe. This is the natural progression from rear end eating and it's delicious. Bust Rodd Oct 21, Colonel Cancer Sep 26, Tune into the fireplace channel, you absolute buffoon.

Oh yeah baby expel your fart right in this shameful thread. Then I clicked on one of the last s and it seemed more normal and was less sure. Then I realized I was contemplating if fart fetish forums of a random conversation on a long dead fart fetish website was between two real people and whether or not it was funny and was suddenly glad I don't own a gun. Thesaurus Oct 3, Perhaps SA could absorb their remaining users. They get a new lease on life and we get desperately needed registrations, a win-win.

Maybe a new sub forum? The Science of Suck Mar 17, Wamdoodle May 15, Yes, it is what it looks like! No surprise there. Butts have been divided from the start. Cloner of the Elks Jul 2, I guess everyone gets turned on by it? Honky Dong Country Feb 11, Knitting Beetles Feb 4, Fallen Rib. I thought it was a literal pissing contest and now I'm disappointed, gently caress you OP. Richard M Nixon Apr 26, "The greatest honor history can bestow is the fart fetish forums of peacemaker.

Linux Pirate Apr 21, Well, there goes our grant money.

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