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It was my usual monthly tradition, the first Friday of the month. I found some free parking nearby as always, mouth dry fro During lockdown we had ended up having quite a naughty chats online and a couple on the phone. I was nervous to see him at the party, but true to his word he stayed discrete, barely flirting and only even talking to me when no one else was around. I serving in the Navyi have had a few boy friends in the Navy and at home.

With my work my home relationships were a bit hit and missand i tried long distance relationships but they were not faithful enough and if i have to be honest i didnt ex I knelt on all fours on the hotel bed, fully dressed, but with the skirt of my dress around my waist and my knickers pulled aside. Hubby knelt behind me naked, fucking me with his lovely big cock. He grunted as he came, pumping what I knew from exp Max shook his head. Afterwards you can have the bed to yourself. Back in the days free swinging stories we actually had winters, weather was responsible for an experiece that I will never forget.

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I fucked a rugby team. Out of the blue, I had received an invitation to a wedding in the town of my birth, I am a Geordie. I had move The big day had arrived. I took my husband Graham to the airport for his training session and asked him to confirm when he arrived. My dutiful husband did just that. So great, no cancelled or delayed flight, he was now well out of town.

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I sent a t So, to justify this title I need to tell you what my wife used to be like and then I can tell you what is currently happening. I have always thought my Dick was inadequateI am a borderline average size but I always wanted to have fun with a big dickI went on SH chat rooms asking for some cock fun with a big dick. As always Lots of time wasters and bull shitersthen Let me tell you a little about myself married early 40,s nice figure I'm told nice bum and 36 d bobs I had always been faithfull up u till a few weeks ago with my three children all at school I do get a bit bored sex is ok at home free swinging stories nothing out to About four years ago, a couple moved in next to us.

They are slightly older than us being in their mid 70s. From the first meet, they were warm and friendly to both my wife and I and often treated us to meals and nights out. Nothing untoward ever hap I had a bad neck ache for days so I decided to get a massage found a Mobile one and arranged a date. Fantastic I said wife at work you ok to come still.

A couple of years ago I was asked by my boss to attend our business conference at a well know golf course. The event is an annual one attended by all the senior executives. She said your invitation is based on one condition, you keep an eye of John-P for Free! Write Your Own Story. Filter Genres. Cross Dressing. First Time.

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Lottie's Party Fucking my friend's wife…. Monthly Ritual Usual monthly visit gets exciting…. After party fun Sexy pre-arranged meeting with a guy.

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Exploring my bi side in the military We kissed and her fingers were in my panties…. Our unusual hobby. Pushing the boundaries of normal. The Rugby Team. Rugby players do it with oval balls. The Rugby Team Rugby players do it with oval ball. Hotel stranger fuck - 2 Hubby away, now meeting his namesake….

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How my wife has changed! And it is for the better…. Hubby never knew 2 They had me again…. Neighbourly Took a long time but………. My first bi Experience Surprised massage…. First Time Hung….

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Bi realisations Bi, who me?

Free swinging stories

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