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Uses passive listeners to improve scrolling performance Improve the 's scroll performance by marking touch and wheel event listeners as 'passive'. Avoid long main-thread tasks — 1 long task found Lists the longest tasks on the main thread, useful for identifying worst contributors to input delay. Avoid non-composited animations Animations which are not composited can be janky and increase CLS. Performance budget It is advised to keep the quantity and size of all network requests under the targets set by the provided performance budget.

Timing budget Set a timing budget to help you keep an eye on the performance of your site. Performant sites load fast and respond to user input events quickly. Metrics First Contentful Paint — 1. Speed Index — 2. Largest Contentful Paint — 2. Learn More. First Meaningful Paint — 1. Serve static assets with an efficient cache policy — 29 resources found Snapsext.

Ensure text remains visible during webfont load Make use of the font-display CSS feature, which will ensure text is user-visible while webfonts are loading. Each access key should be unique for proper. Snapsext trade contains a heading, skip link, or landmark region It is advised to provide ways to bypass repetitive content, allowing users to navigate the efficiently. Heading elements appear in a sequentially-descending order Properly ordered headings that do not skip levels convey the semantic structure of themaking snapsext trade easier to navigate and understand when using assistive technologies.

ARIA input fields have accessible names When an input field doesn't have an accessible name, screen readers announce it with a generic name, making it unusable for users who rely on screen readers. Some ARIA parent roles cannot perform their intended functions if specific child roles are not used. ARIA toggle fields have accessible names When a toggle field doesn't have an accessible name, screen readers announce it with a generic name, making it unusable for users who rely on screen readers.

Buttons have an accessible name Buttons become unusable as they are announced simply as "button" when the button does not have an accessible name, when used by screen readers and other assistive technologies. No form fields have multiple labels Snapsext trade fields with multiple labels can be confusingly announced by assistive technologies like screen readers which use either the first, the last, or all of the labels.

Background and foreground colors have a sufficient contrast ratio Many if not most users find low-contrast text difficult or impossible to read. Screen readers and other assistive technologies may produce poor and inaccurate output when definition lists are not properly marked up. Use proper list structure to aid screen readers and other assistive technologies. Screen readers and other assistive technologies have features to make navigating tables easier.

Ensure that table headers refer to some set of cells, to improve screen reader user experience. For users with low vision who rely on screen magnification, ensure that zooming is not disabled. When not provided, the user's default language setting will be used which may cause inaccuracies.

Failing Elements ","selector":"div. Form elements do not have associated labels Screen readers and other assistive technologies rely on labels to properly announce form controls. Links do not have a discernible name In order to improve the for screen reader and other assistive technology users, use link text that is unique, focusable and discernible.

Failing Elements div. Manual Checks The has a logical tab order The visual layout should be logical in its tab order and users cannot focus elements that are offscreen. Interactive controls are keyboard focusable Ensure that custom interactive controls are keyboard focusable and that a focus indicator is displayed. Interactive elements indicate their purpose and state Ensure that interactive elements such as links and buttons snapsext trade distinguishable from non-interactive elements and that they indicate their state. The user's focus is directed to new content added to the When new content such as a dialogue is added to thethe user's focus should be directed to it.

User focus is not accidentally trapped in a region Avoid focus being accidentally trapped when a user tabs in and out of controls or regions on. Custom controls have associated labels Ensure that custom interactive controls have associated labels, which are provided by aria-label and aria-labelledby attributes. Visual order on the follows DOM order Ensure that the DOM order matches with the 's visual order, in order to improve for screen readers and other assistive technologies.

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Offscreen content is hidden from assistive technology Ensure that offscreen content is hidden through the use of "display:none" styling or the aria-hidden attribute. Audits Avoids requesting the geolocation permission on load When requesting a user's location, provide context or consider tying the request to a user action to avoid confusion and mistrust from users. Avoids requesting the notification permission on load When requesting permission to send notifications, provide context or consider tying the request to a user action to avoid confusion and mistrust from users. Allows users to paste into password fields Ensure that password inputs may be pasted into to aid in the user's ability to use password managers and improve security.

Displays images with correct aspect ratio Ensure that image display dimensions match their natural aspect ratio. Serves images with appropriate resolution Image natural dimensions should be proportional to the display size and the pixel ratio to maximize image clarity.

has the HTML doctype Ensure a doctype is specified to prevent the browser from switching to quirks-mode. Properly defines charset A character encoding declaration is required. Avoids Application Cache Application cache is deprecated and is no longer recommended. Name Version jQuery. snapsext trade valid source maps Source maps translate minified code to the original source code. This helps developers debug in production. In addition, Lighthouse is able to provide further insights. Consider deploying source maps to take advantage of these benefits. They can come from network request failures, insufficient security controls, and other browser concerns.

Open up the Issues panel in Chrome DevTools for more details on each issue. Browser errors were logged to the console Below is a list of all errors logged to the console, which indicate unresolved problems on the site. Links have descriptive text Make use of descriptive link text to assist search engines in understanding the content. Document avoids plugins The content snapsext trade plugins cannot be indexed by search engines and many devices either restrict or do not support them.

Ensure that search engines have permission to crawl all s that should be indexed. Document uses legible font sizes Font sizes of 12px or less are too small to most mobile users without user gestures and further action. Tap targets are sized appropriately Interactive elements such as buttons and links should be appropriately spaced, sized and easy enough to select or tap with regard to their surrounding elements.

Document does not have a meta description Meta descriptions may be used by search engines when displaying a link to the and should concisely summarize the 's content. Content is sized correctly for the viewport Ensure that the width of the app's content matches the width of the viewport, otherwise the app might not be optimized for mobile screens. Installable Web app manifest or service worker do not snapsext trade the installability requirements — 1 reason User engagement may be increased by leveraging the browsers ability to proactively prompt users to add the app to their homescreen.

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Failure reason No manifest was fetched. Is not configured for a custom splash screen Themed splash screens ensure a high-quality user experience at launch for app users. View Data. Does not set a theme color for the address bar. A theme may be applied to the browser address bar, which ideally can be made to match the site. Manifest doesn't have a maskable icon A maskable icon ensures that the image fills the entire shape without being letterboxed when installing the app on a device. Manual Checks Site works cross-browser Ensure that the Progressive Web App works snapsext trade across every major browser.

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transitions don't feel like they block on the network Users perceive apps with responsive, snappy transitions as higher peforming and ensures a great user experience, even on a slow network. They should also be unique for the purpose of shareability on social media. All Performance Accessibility Best Practices SEO Progressive Web App Metrics Time to Interactive — 3.

Total Blocking Time — 80 ms The total blocking time is the sum of all time periods between First Snapsext trade Paint and Time to Interactive when task length exceeded 50ms. Cumulative Layout Shift — 0. First CPU Idle — 2. Estimated Input Latency — 10 ms The time taken for the to respond to user input during the busiest 5 second window of load. Users are likely to perceive snapsext. Network Requests Below is a list of network requests that were made during load. Providing servers geographically closer to the user could improve performance. Server Backend Latencies — 0 ms High server latencies indicate the server is overloaded or has a poor backend performance.

Tasks Below is a list of the top-level main thread tasks that executed during load.

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Diagnostics Below is a collection of useful vitals. Metrics Below is a collection of metrics. Defer offscreen images — Potential savings of 7 KiB Time to Interactive can be slowed down by resources on the. Efficiently encode images — Potential savings of 15 KiB Unoptimized images can consume more cellular data than what is necessary. Enable text compression Text-based resources should be served with compression, such as gzip, deflate or brotli. Preconnect to required origins Resource hints, such as 'preconnect' or 'dns-prefetch', may assist in establishing early snapsext trade to important third-party origins.

Initial server response time was short — Root document took ms Keep the server response time for the main document short because all other requests depend on it. Avoid multiple redirects — Potential savings of ms Redirects can cause additional delays before the can begin loading. Use video formats for animated content Large GIFs are inefficient for delivering animated content. However, many aren't necessary for modern browsers. Avoids enormous network paylo — Total size was KiB Large network paylo can cost users money and are linked to long load times. Avoid chaining critical requests — 5 chains found Below is a list of Critical Request Chains, which shows which resources are loaded with a high priority.

Delivering smaller JS paylo may help with this. Minimizes main-thread work — 1. All text remains visible during webfont lo Make use of the font-display CSS feature, which will ensure text is user-visible while webfonts are loading. Minimize third-party usage — Third-party code blocked the main thread for 40 ms It is snapsext trade to either limit, remove or delay the loading of redundant third-party code which may be ificantly impacting load performance.

Snapsext trade

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