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Profile Gallery Scraps Favorites Journals. Profile Gallery Scraps Fav orite s Journals. This is snuff roleplay journal created to help find RP partners in the themes of Death! If you like death or dying, or if you love killing and hurting. Otherwise if you don't wish to advertise yourself, have a browse through the comments and see if anyone interests you. Although it's not compulsory for you to do so, it will help others decide if you're what they are after if you provide a little bit of information about yourself while commenting.

Just include a brief description of your character, what kind of themes or stories you're after and possibly what kind of characters you want involved in your roleplays. If you're not picky, that's fine! Just say so.

The following things will not be tolerated and if persisted will lead to getting your name on the block list; Spamming, trolling, insulting other users, causing drama or general hate. We are an open and tolerating group. If certain RP themes don't interest you, we'd much appreciate it if you simply don't involve yourself with them. Not the RP Theme you're after? Thank you for using FA-Roleplayers and good luck! Comment hidden snuff roleplay its owner. Oh my, I forgot about this! I'm afraid I no longer have the time.

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Hello, Sonic. Ahhhh, old comment. Haven't been in that mood lately. Bancky Photographer link. I would like to try it o3o sounds very Guardian Writer link. If anyone is interested, I'm open to experimenting. Just drop me a message and we'll see what we can come up with. KawaiiNoir Digital Artist link. Always looking for a good gore rp! If I like it enough, I will draw it! More graphic the better.

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I will warn you though, I have never done one of these so I will suck really bad at first cx. Are you still open to play darling. Novaknight26 Watcher link. Guess I'm one My boxer character is named Zamrud. Ill try Butsex Photographer link. I'm snuff roleplay open to being the victim and the attacker. I am currently open to being the attacker, if anyone would like to play. Note me. Guardian Writer link parent. Hi, I'm new to rp so please kindly forgive me for any mistake. I like my character usually a massive bear with a roid gut to be gut punched, stabbed or disemboweled in fight.

If it suit this section welcome send me a note for rp. Hi there,is someone want to be a victim? Im the atacker. If you want more info then give me a pm :D. HighKingKayak Vampire Lord link. Yo, looking for an RP in a snuff setting, i'd be the attacker, looking for good victims, if you're interested send me a note, You can look on my profile to see the kind of stuff i'm into. My length would be matched with partner.

Scat-protogen link. DarkFlipCrazy Artist and Writer link. I wouldn't mind trying a violent Roleplay, I have a couple characters I could snuff roleplay in a violent Roleplay, I have a Sentient Zombie Fox Who is very aggressive when attacked or threatened, he Will feast on your flesh after killing you or a wolf-dragon Antihero if anyone wants to be the victim You can PM Me. Hello, I don't know if this goes here, but what ever. I'm into ballbusting, fights, gore and ENF. So i would love to Rp those things. My character is a tribal demon wolf.

Pawfighter21 link. Been looking for a snuff rp I can be either killer or victim prefer female ocs if interested hmu. I'm interested in finding someone to roleplay snuff with. While my main interest is vore, I sometimes like to enjoy some snuffy stuff. I'm down for playing the snuffer, but I usually tend to be the victim. I'm good with human, furry, and even impish characters. Not that it makes a difference in text, but I tend to imagine the scene with a bit of a cartoon style as oppose to realistic.

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